We'd like to recommend the following sites:

Art & Illustration

Chesley Bonestell

This is a site devoted to the world's premiere space artist, the late, great Chesley Bonestell. In the mid-20th Century, Bonestell's magnificent speculative paintings demonstrated both the practicality and desirability of space exploration.

Reynold Brown

One of the great movie poster artists of the 1950s and '60s, the facile and exciting work of Reynold Brown is presented on this site.


A marketing communications & creative services firm of extraordinary range and talents, Eureka is responsible for the look of VincentDiFate.com and much more.

Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger is a leading publisher of picture books devoted to fantastic art. Their on-site gallery index is your gateway to the portfolios of some of the genre's top artists.

SF Art

This interesting site includes the works of fantasy/SF artists such as Barclay Shaw and Ron Walotsky and links to places where books on fantastic literature and art can be found.

The War of the Worlds

This Website offers a unique picture gallery of covers from the various editions of the classic H. G. Wells alien invasion novel, The War of the Worlds.

Fantastic Film & Popular Culture

Astounding B Monster

The Astounding B Monster Movie Web site is the on-line place to go for fascinating information about the film genres of science fiction and fantasy.

Monstrous Movie Music

The multitalented team of Kathleen Mayne & David Schecter provides a site where lovers of SF and fantasy film musical scores can access soundtrack recordings from some of their favorite films.

Bob Burns

Bob Burns, a film editor, special effects technician, actor, writer, historian and world-class movie collector and fan, hosts a site that is a science fiction movie buff's dream come true. Bob's unique collection of art, movie props, toys and assorted memorabilia is internationally celebrated and was the subject of Sci Fi Buzz's long-running segment, Bob's Basement and of the forthcoming coffee table picture book, It Came from Bob's Basement.

FilmFax and Outré

FilmFax and Outré are the magazines of choice for fans of vintage science fiction and fantasy in American popular culture.

SF Literature

Analog Science Fiction & Fact Magazine

Analog Science Fiction & Fact Magazine has been at the vanguard of the American science fiction literary market since it began publication (as Astounding Stories of Super-Science) in 1930, and remains a leading source of great genre reading.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, with its broad editorial mix and lofty literary standards has been a landmark publication for half a century. It's uniquely wide-ranging blend of fantastic fiction has allowed the stories of such diverse talents as those of Ray Bradbury and Stephen King to appear side by side with writers of the ilk of "hard" SF authors like Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov.


Galaxy On Line is a new on-line publication from author, editor and publisher, Dr. Ben Bova. Authors whose works appear in Galaxy include Robert A. Heinlein, Brian W. Aldiss, Harlan Ellison, and Orson Scott Card.

Weird Tales

Weird Tales began publication in 1926 and became the milestone magazine for such weird fantasy as the stories of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch. It survives today still presenting the best of this specialty brand of fantastic fiction.

Ben Bova

Dr. Ben Bova, one of the foremost science fiction writers of the day, continues to be a major presence in the genre as well as a revered authority in the field of popular science.



View the Earth and Moon from the vantage point of hundreds of earth-orbiting satellites in stunning up-to-the moment photographs.

Welcome to the Planets

Visit Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a grand tour of the solar system from the Welcome to the Planets Web site.